About Us


Building global educational tourism avenues for experiential learning and holistic education of students.


At Eduquest, we believe in persevering each day to expand our network further and thus become the leading company to provide students with the best learning opportunities all over the globe.

Eduquest was established in 2011 with an aim to provide International exposure to students from the country. Eduquest works towards making young students a formidable force by providing them exposure to diverse international cultures and technological advancements. This is a great opportunity for students to interact and integrate with experts of respective fields which will lead to an influx of knowledge making the youth ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD.

We have a wide range of outreach programs across the globe from which schools can choose according to their interests, be it Space Science, Physics, Robotics, History, Architecture and Art. Our programs will enlighten the kids in all the realms of knowledge but also add a fun element as our program includes visits to top theme parks and studios of the world like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

We have collaborated with organizations such as NASA, CERN, BMW World, Airbus and wish to provide students with an experience to remember for a lifetime. “They say that one good lesson from a teacher lasts a lifetime and there is no better teacher than EXPERIENCE” and we at Eduquest strive to provide the youngsters with such experiences. Apart from visiting these top facilities the students can visit historical sites and structures, which will increase their knowledge further. They get a chance to visit the iconic destinations of the world like Times Square, The Colosseum, Eiffel Tower etc. In the competitive world of the 21st century it is important to stand out, Eduquest provides the kids with just that and makes them ready for achieving success.