CAS Program

Forge a (literal) path in a national park. Get your hands dirty on an urban farm. Plant something. Start a conversation with a stranger. Help introduce an endangered species back into the wild, Sort school supplies for families in need, Taste a different food, Build a greenhouse, Serve a meal, Help others do the same. Get inspired by the kind of progress you can see, and the kind of change you can feel. By working in tandem with community members, the students will gain insight into the challenges they face and build long-term solutions to help empower the community.

We at Eduquest take kids to different regions including Bhutan, Bali-Indonesia, China and Europe.

Highlights of the Program


  • Interaction with school children in Ubud.
  • Practicing Gamelan (Indonesian traditional instrument) with locals in Banjar.
  • Rafting in 14km long telaga waja river.
  • MT. Batur trekking 1.717 meters above sea level in Bali.
  • Visit tanah lot- the most famous temple in bali.
  • Experience the local traditional kecak dance on the backdrop of sunset.


  • Visiting the summer palace, over 700 acres of lakes, palaces and gardens.
  • Take a tour of the great wall of china.
  • Working in Beijing with locals building and restoring projects in school communities.
  • Learn Mandarin from locals.
  • Working with charity ‘free the children’ on different issues of children.
  • Celebrating customs and bonding with locals.
  • Developing leadership qualities through activities and workshops.


  • Visit to a National museum, 7th Century temple.
  • Visit to youth develop fund centre in Bhutan.
  • Archery experience.
  • Experience the panoramic views of the eastern Himalayan peaks.
  • Visiting local farm house and have a cooking workshop.
  • Visit to a temple which was built for a local folk hero (1455-1529).
  • Attend Traditional arts workshop.
  • Take a tour of capital of Bhutan.
  • Hiking of famous Taktsang (Tiger’s nest) monastery(10200 ft).

Europe (Germany and Netherlands)

  • Experience Berlin- one of the most multicultural cities.
  • Walking tour of Berlin wall.
  • Visit remnants of the wall which are decorated by artists from all over the world.
  • Theatre workshop with GRIPS and theatre scouting.
  • Experience Berlin’s most beautiful sights from water level doing Kayaking.
  • Experience climbing and bouldering in Berlin.
  • Helping refugees to have a better future in Germany.
  • Visiting two artistic heritage, Spui and Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam.
  • Visiting the Van Gogh museum.
  • Experience dance lessons and insights on contemporary dance at Scapino Ballet.