Industrial Visits

The world is changing in a very quick manner for the students to just rely on classroom education. In order to develop students to be war ready for the life after schooling, we provide a sustained structure which would educate them beyond books. We have Industrial visits which focus on experiential learning. In the central idea of our existence we provide the basic working knowledge to students in the areas of their interest.

Below are the places we take students for industrial visits.

Highlights of the Program

Boeing Factory, Seattle, USA

  • Visit the largest building in the world (by volume).
  • The future of flight aviation center & Boeing tour.
  • Visiting North America’s only publicly available commercial jet assembly plant tour.
  • The Boeing archives – video series on Boeing.
  • Visit Boeing twin-aisle airplanes including the 787 dreamliner.

Airbus Factory, Toulouse, France

  • Discover the fascinating world of Airbus.
  • 3 tours - airbus discovery tour, panoramic tour bus, final assembly line.
  • Visit inside airline A400M.
  • Enjoy an unbeatable view from the viewing platform that overlooks the assembly line of the airbus A380.
  • Coach tour with commentary to visit the airbus sites of Toulouse.
  • A visit to Aeroscopia museum as well.

BMW Welt Factory, Munich, Germany

  • BMW’s latest jalopies along with interactive displays.
  • Observe production processes at the BMW group plant.
  • Discover a new display of tradition and future trends at the BMW museum.
  • Guided tour to discover the fascination of the BMW group.
  • Explore the highlights of the history of BMW welt.
  • Learn interesting background information about the building and its special architecture.
  • Experience complex logistics of automobile delivery.
  • See fascinating cars and innovative materials at BMW welt.
  • Experience the revolutionary concepts of tomorrow.
  • Visit BMW museum which has about 125 of the brand’s most valuable and attractive automobiles.
  • Visit BMW museum which has motorcycles and engines displayed across an area.

Porsche, Stuttgart, Germany

  • The Porsche Museum offers various interactive guided tours of the museum for students of all grades.
  • An overview of the Porsche brand and its history is given on the tour.
  • Visit the workshop and see full array of classic Porsches.
  • Experience the perfect and a very close view of museum workshop.
  • More than 80 vehicles and many small exhibits are on display at Porsche museum.

Mercedes, Stuttgart, Germany

  • Museum and exhibition of history of Mercedes.
  • Discover 160 vehicles and numerous other exhibits from the history of Mercedes.
  • Discover the unique architecture of the Mercedes-benz museum.
  • The guided tour- a detailed insight into automobile production.
  • Visit the Mercedes museum shop.

Toyota Kaikan Plant, Japan

  • Tours of assembly lines of Toyota in Japan.
  • Experience assembly tours at Motomachi plant, Takaoka plant, Tsutsumi plant.
  • Learn about Toyota’s Eco car based on hybrid technologies.
  • In various areas of the exhibits, students can enjoy games and other activities that allow them to experience Toyota measures.
  • Experience the whole automobile production process.