Our Programs


The knowledge of a child should not be restricted to just textbooks and images but should be extended to having first hand experience of going to the place .We at Eduquest aim at providing students LEARNING BEYOND THE CLASSROOM. We also let the children’s imagination run wild by taking them to Space Camps at NASA,CERN facility in Switzerland, Industrial visits to Airbus & Boeing Factories etc.

University visits

Freedom to let a child take on a path that he loves is being emphasized all over the world ,and we encourage the ideology by taking the children to their DESIRED UNIVERSITIES. The children get to see the culture & life at these universities which helps them decide what’s best for them.

Student Exchange

Careers of today demand international knowledge as well as ideas with a unique edge. Our student exchange programs helps a kid with adapting to different atmosphere with different mentalities, ideas and knowledge which gives them a COMPETITIVE EDGE at higher stages in their life.

Travel Meets Education

The most powerful immersive modules, only on Eduquest journeys


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