Space Camps

At EduQuest we provide a unique, hand-on experience for students from different age categories to train like astronauts. Students will learn space and flight history, they will work together in teams and experience simulators, engage in different engineering challenges, compete in a robotics challenges. At space camps we provide safe and exciting atmosphere to students to have a fantastic experience and learn a lot of things about space, science and technology.

Highlights of the Program

Kennedy space center, USA

  • Kennedy space center visitor complex has unparalleled space attractions and exhibits.
  • Park overview- heroes and legends, behind the gates, race to the moon.
  • Team engineering challenges.
  • Visit The Apollo Saturn V center.
  • Have royal American lunch with an astronaut.
  • Shuttle launch experience.
  • IMAX movie experience.
  • Graduation and closing ceremony.

Houston Johnson, USA

  • Variety of age appropriate inspiring camp experiences.
  • Engage in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities.
  • Learn about space exploration.
  • Campers participate in innovative robotics challenges, take part in space-themed interactive experiences.

Euro Space Center, Belgium

Astronaut Program:

  • Science workshops- micro rocket building and launch.
  • Learn about solar system, the history of space conquest and daily life.
  • Satellite Launch, docking with the Space Station, re-entry into the atmosphere and landing.
  • Attend mission briefings.
  • Work on simulators to stay in top physical condition: multi-axis chair, moonwalk, rotating chair.

Take part in “Live and Work in Space”

  • Spend Three days in an astronaut’s shoes.
  • Moon walk and mars walk simulators.

US Space & Rocket center Huntsville, Alabama, USA

This experience shows the dramatic history spanning from early space flight to the shuttle program and beyond!

  • First hand experience the future of space travel and train to solve problems in order to save their space mission.
  • Activities of building and launching rockets.

Experience the thrill of simulated space missions:

  • Train like an astronaut on the multi axis trainer and on gravity chair.

  • Hands on activities in air systems in flight simulators.
  • Flying simulators with tandem seat cockpits.
  • Hands on sessions in robot chassis design and building algorithms, remote-control design and operations.